Tungans sk. ”smakzoner” och vinglas.


Har skrivit om de icke existerande ”smakzonerna” på annat håll tidigare men hittade nedanstående som är lite kul om tungans sk ”smakzoner” och vinglas.

Från Gourmet Magazine augusti 2004.
Intervju med Linda Bartoshuk, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Community Dentistry and Behavioral Sciences Director of Human Research, Center for Smell and Taste, University of Florida.

”The tongue map? That old saw?” scoffs Linda Bartoshuk when I reach her at her laboratory at the Yale Univerity School of Medicine. Bartoshuk has done landmark studies on how people taste. ”No, no. There isn’t any ‘tongue map.'”
Wait a minute: When you sip Pinot Noir from the correct Riedel glass, won’t it maximize the fruit flavors by rushing the wine to the ”sweet” zone on the tip of your tongue? When you serve a Chardonnay with too much fruit, won’t the correct glass balance the flavors by directing the wine to the ”acid” spots near the middle? ”Nope,” Bartoshuk laughs. ”It’s wrong.” She and other scientists have proved that you can taste salty, sweet, and bitter everywhere on the tongue where there are taste buds. ”Your brain doesn’t care where taste is coming from in your mouth,” Bartoshuk says. ”And researchers have known this for thirty years.”

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Mer om icke existerande smakzoner:
1.”The Taste Map: All Wrong”, Scientific American, March 18, 2001.
2.Chandrashekar et al., ”The receptors and cells for mammalian taste”, Nature, Vol 444, 16 November 2006, 288-294.

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